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Zoysia Grass

What is Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia is a hardy grass and it grows over a myriad of conditions and, good news for homeowners, takes far less watering and needs fewer mowing sessions than most grasses, making Zoysia maintenance a breeze. Zoysia Grass develops a luxuriant thick and soft layer of green that is made to order for feet and toes. Many Zoysia Grass reviews mention how it chokes out most summer weeds and is ideal for replacing existing lawns. We can plant a network of Zoysia Grass plugs on either a bare canvas or over an existing lawn and in just a few growing seasons it will provide a verdant, virtually weed-free, lawn.

Zoysia Grass Installation
Zoysia Sod Delivery & Installation

You can count on Covington Landscaping to not only beautify your landscape but increase the value of your property as well. With integrity and pride we serve the metro Atlanta region and have earned a reputation for visually stunning designs and the utmost knowledge in knowing when to plant Zoysia. Our metro Atlanta sod company installs and delivers all types of Zoysia sod.

The Covington Landscaping Philosophy

Covington Landscaping knows the value of your home’s exterior beauty and this includes adding the beauty of Zoysia sod to any exceptional design with which we’ve been entrusted. We’re expert in creating not just visual excitement and recreational enjoyment, but the added worth of a project fully imagined, comprehensively designed, and implemented to perfection. We welcome any homeowner’s participation in making his or her vision come true. We not only provide the very best in design and labor, but also the highest quality Zoysia Grass seed, Zoysia Grass Sod and Zoysia plugs at prices that can meet your budget.

Atlanta Experts in Zoysia Grass Planting

We’ve been lending our expertise in landscape design and installation to clients throughout Georgia so as to provide curb appeal that is unsurpassed! When it comes to Zoysia Grass, the professionals at Covington Landscaping are unsurpassed and are a proverbial one-stop shop for all your lawn planting needs. Serving the Metro Atlanta, Georgia region, we do it the way you want it- we guarantee it! Zoysia Grass Atlanta

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