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Covington Landscaping fully grasps the importance of the exterior areas of your home. It’s not just about curb appeal; it’s also about the importance of your home’s value. We take seriously the art and craft of gardening and topsoil is essential to healthy and thriving gardens. We take great pride in using only the best quality screened topsoil and whether it might be topsoil delivery service or soil installation for you, we always strive to provide the very best in quality topsoil at competitive prices.

Topsoil DeliveryWhat is Topsoil ?

Topsoil is generally considered the top layer of earth that, depending on the location, varies from 5” to a foot deep with its texture and content often also varying from place to place. The trick is to avoid clay, silt and sandy topsoils since they will hold in too much moisture after a rain and this prevents air circulating to the roots of plants. An important part of making topsoil most effective is its loamy texture, which is derived from a conglomeration of a quarter of clay, another quarter or more of silt and the rest being made up of sand. Top soil such as this will usually have low water-retention and be a breeze to till as well. Topsoil often serves as a sort of all-purpose soil mixture, generally sold in larger quantities and known as “bulk topsoil.” It is often mixed with fertilizer and other organic matter by landscaping professionals so as to create the best topsoil for grass seed and other specialty plantings. Topsoil mixtures are generally used for general landscaping purposes, with newly planted lawns, garden beds, big pots and larger planters, and athletic fields being of particular relevance.

Topsoil Delivery & Where to Buy Topsoil

Whether you need to know how much topsoil you need or where you can find topsoil for sale or how much does topsoil weigh, all these questions (and more) our landscaping professionals will gladly answer. They are fully informed in all areas of lawn, garden, and landscape design and installation and can handle just about anything you can throw at them. Our topsoil services are guaranteed and you can even use our topsoil calculator to discover how much you may require if you already know some of the project details. Otherwise, to get a better idea about where and how much topsoil you may need for your project, large or small, contact us for a free consultation.Top Soil


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When it comes to topsoil sales, topsoil delivery and our topsoil prices, Covington Landscaping is the tip-top top soil place in Georgia! We are competitive in our pricing and unsurpassed in topsoil delivery and installation. Indeed, we’re a one-stop landscaping shop for all your landscaping needs. Serving the Metro Atlanta, Georgia region, an important part of topsoil is where you get it and Covington Landscaping is the place to start the conversation today by calling 678-544-7591 or emailing us on our Contact Page.