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Square Foot Calculator

How to Calculate Square Feet 

Sq. Ft. = Length x Width

When you are dealing with all types of landscaping materials, simple formulas make life easy. By using a little math, and taking a few measurements, it is pretty easy to determine how much sod, stone, or topsoil you will need. One of the fundamentals of all measurements is square footage. This can be applied to all geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, circles and more. Math class was never fun, but using a square foot calculator isn’t that bad. Accurate measuring techniques and a few useful equations, can help you save time and money on landscaping supplies.

Square Foot Calculator

Square Foot Calculator

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How do you Calculate Area & Square Footage?

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How to Calculate Cubic Feet, Cubic Yards, Etc.

Another handy equation to use is one that involves cubic feet. Most all bulk landscaping materials are sold by the cubic yard. Finding this measure of volume, when determining how much to buy, is much easier than it sounds. Please see the useful link on measuring cubic feet and volumes below.

How to Caluclate Cubic FeetNot all lawns have simple geometric shapes, so we understand calculating the correct amount of sod, topsoil, or stone can be tricky. Sometimes it is good to trust someone with a little more experience and knowledge of handling the different types of landscaping materials. Slopes, narrowing areas, and non typical geometric designs are difficult to measure. Sometimes it is best order a little extra sod, stone, sand, or topsoil than you calculated, especially if you have a large lawn. Ordering materials in bulk can save you money, but ordering small amounts over and over can get costly. By ordering more materials upfront, you are able to spread your costs over more items. A little extra is okay, but don’t over do it!


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