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What is Sand used for in Landscaping?

Covington Landscaping fully comprehends the value of a home’s exterior beauty and this includes the different types of sand that can come into play in helping with such things as the laying in of grout for landscaping pavers or for a child’s sand box. With the many other uses for sand, Covington can create the perfect yard for years to come. We are always grateful to have been entrusted with making our clients’ design dreams come true. And this is certainly also due to our expertise in making not just visually attractive spaces and great yards for years of family usage, but also giving the added value of a boost of a home’s potential selling price. We welcome homeowners’ input and work closely not only to provide the very best in design and labor, but also the best installation of landscaping materials at prices that won’t bust most budgets.

How to Impove, A Home’s Value with Quality Landscaping

You can count on Covington Landscaping to not only turn your landscape ideas into reality but also boost the value of your property. We serve the metro Atlanta region and have earned a reputation for visually amazing designs and top-line craftsmanship. We’ve been lending our knowledge and experience in landscape design and installation to clients throughout Georgia with the objective to provide a curb appeal that is unmatched!

How much Sand is in a Dumptruck?

With our full services available to all, never again will you have to ask what types of sand are best for your needs or what is the best material to use between landscape pavers. Our network of suppliers obtains our landscaping materials at very competitive costs. With virtually all types of sand at our disposal, we can get the job done right the first time.

River SandCovington Landscaping is Standing By

When it comes to the many uses for sand, the professionals at Covington Landscaping are ready to help. We are your one-stop sand shop serving the Metro Atlanta, Georgia region. We strive to provide the highest quality landscaping services – we guarantee it!

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