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Pine Straw

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Covington Landscaping knows how important the exterior areas of your home can be for future resale and, frankly, impressive curb appeal to make your neighbors go “wow.” We take seriously the art of gardening and adding pinestraw in certain areas can help bring not just visual beauty but a marvelously thriving garden. We welcome homeowners’ input and work closely in making their visions come true. We not only provide the very best in design and labor, but also the highest quality material at prices that can meet your budgetary parameters.

Pine Straw DeliveryWhat is Pine Straw?

Pinestraw is made up of pine tree needles that have hit the ground. Examples such as Long Needle Pine straw or West Cobb Pine Straw are often put to use for certain plant types or as simple ground cover. Pine straw mulch also adds insulation to the soil to help during fluctuations in temperatures and also tends to stay in place even under conditions of drenching rain. Any pine straw place will tell you how it is perfectly suited for hills and slopes because of the interlocking quality of pine straw needles. Pine straw is often referred to as pine needle mulch, however it has distinguishing characteristics that set it apart and is therefore not often called “mulch” by those in the business.

Mulch vs Pine Straw

They both are generally used in the same manner and mulch is indeed attractive and often vital to any landscape plan for its inherent anti-weed properties and an ability to keep soil moist. The main difference is how pine straw needles, as they break down over time, turn acidic. This makes them well-suited for plants that grow better in acidic soil.Long Needle Pine Straw

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Our landscaping professionals are knowledgeable in lawn, garden and landscape design and installation. Our pine straw services are guaranteed and you can use our pine straw mulch calculator to discover how much you may require if you already know where you want to put it in. For a better idea about where and how much pine straw you may need for your project, contact us for a free consultation.

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