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There are many different ways that Covington Landscaping can enhance your outdoor space, and having a Pergola constructed is just one of them. We offer free consultations on how to build pergolas in metro Atlanta Georgia. There are several pergola kits, and pergola designs. Our installation specialist, are here to help you with your next purchase. Pergola Plans

What is a Pergola?

This is a garden structure that can serve many different purposes such as…

  • Creating a unique covered walkway
  • Some types of pergolas can be used as a covered seating area
  • It is a structure that can be used in unshaded areas to provide more shade
  • It can be used to create a privacy area in your outdoor open space
  • A pergola adds character to the outdoor living area

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Atlanta Pergola Kits & Pergola Plans

Once you have decided that you want one of these structures built, you will see that there are many different styles. Here at Covington Landscaping we will help you make your choice by showing you a variety of Pergola plans based on your wants and needs and the space available for the construction of the pergola.


How to Build a Pergola

Once you have decided on a style you will also have to decide on the materials that you want your pergola to consist of as there are many different types of pergolas such as…

  • Metal pergola
  • Vinyl pergola
  • Cedar pergola
  • Patio pergola
  • Aluminum pergola
  • Wood pergola
  • Steel pergola

When deciding on the materials for this new addition to your outdoor space you have to keep in mind that the materials are used in the posts and the cross beams that make up this type of landscaping feature, as well as what type of pergola canopy you may want. Pergola Kits

Pergola Kits vs Customized Pergolas

You also have a choice of purchasing Pergola kits which are fine but the biggest drawback with these is one size fits all basically. You have to have the exact space available for them. An added advantage to having a customized Pergola built by us here at Covington Landscape is that we can build it to whatever size is required and it will be unique according to your personal taste.

Contact us Today and let’s discuss some Pergola ideas that will fit in nicely with your landscaping and will make your outdoor space one that is unique, functional, and a total pleasure to enjoy.