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Covington Landscaping offers free consultations on all types of patio construction, and is always here to help with outdoor Patio Ideas. There are many different components that you need to consider when having a landscaping project done for you and choosing which stone patios you want used are going to be one of them.

Types of Outdoor Patios – Why Go With a Stone Patio?

Stone patios bring many benefits with them especially when compared to patios made of other materials like wood.

Patio Stones Provide Durability

You don’t have to worry about rotting and painting when it comes to a patio comprised of stone. If you choose to go with a paver stone patio then you have no worries about maintenance or concerns about its strength or integrity. Atlanta Stone Patios

Stone Patio Comfort and Safety

Another great advantage of the stone patio is that it has some natural built in safety features. It doesn’t warp so you don’t have to worry about someone tripping over loose boards which can be a problem with some wooden type patios. The stone doesn’t tend to be slippery when exposed to the rain like some other materials are. The stone remains cooler compared to other types of patios which is a great comfort feature. There are several types of stone you can use to ensure your patio ideas are customized perfectly.

A Stone Patio Creates Harmony with Nature

Stone patios lend themselves beautifully to the nature setting which is a goal you want to strive for when creating the ultimate outdoor space. Your patio can be constructed so it becomes the focal point of your backyard, or it can be used to harmonize the other elements of your landscaping.

Types of Stone Patio Pavers

You have the option of being able to choose from a variety of stone patio pavers. These can be comprised of brick, concrete, flagstone or slate just to name a few.

Stone Patio Ideas

Stone Patio Costs in Atlanta  — Contact Us Today !

While costs are going to be important this is not an area of your landscaping where you want to accept second best because there are cheaper alternatives. Not only do you want your patio to look good you want it to be fully functional. The stone patio costs are going to depend on the size of the patio, its location and what patio stones you are going to choose.

Cost of Outdoor Living Areas in Atlanta

Here at Covington Landscaping we not only provide exemplary workmanship we have the experience and expertise to be able to provide you with stone patio ideas that are going to work beautifully with the rest of your landscaping. We pay attention to the small details that are going to make your outdoor living space unique and fully functional. We have the ability to offer you stone patio designs that are affordable and make the decision making process easy, hassle free and fun.

Stone Patio

Contact Us here today at Covington Landscaping so we can discuss you stone patio needs and show you what we have to offer.