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Covington Landscaping Philosophy

Covington Landscaping gets how important your home’s exterior beauty is for your own quality of life and for your home’s value as well. We take seriously the art of gardening and other value-adding natural landscaping elements that help bring not just visual excitement but the added worth of a project fully imagined, comprehensively designed, and implemented to perfection. We welcome homeowners’ input and work together in making a client’s vision come true. We not only provide the very best in design and labor, but also the highest quality material at prices that might surprise you.Red Mulch Prices

Landscaping Mulch Experts

Anytime we install organic materials to your visual design, we recommend the thorough use of mulch as mulching is one of the most effective methods to keep your landscape elements in terrific condition throughout the seasons and it also contributes to slowing the growth of weeds. Not only does mulching inhibit weed growth, but it helps in adding essential nutrients to the soil and, to top it all off, beautifies the areas of your landscape in which it is placed. With choices from black mulch to red mulch to our fragrant cedar mulch, (even rubber mulch and playground mulch for your children’s play areas), Covington Landscaping has you covered, literally and figuratively!

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Our landscaping experts are fully versed in lawn, garden, and landscape design and installation. Our mulching services are guaranteed and you can use our handy mulch calculator to discover how much you might need for your project or contact us for a free consultation to determine the best kind and quantity of mulch that is right for your particular needs.

Why Hire the Pros at Covington Landscaping?

When it comes to mulch sale, mulch delivery and our mulch pricing, the experts at Covington Landscaping are competitive in pricing and unsurpassed in mulch delivery and installation. Indeed, we’re a one-stop landscaping shop for all your mulching needs. Serving the Metro Atlanta, Georgia region, we are the mulch masters!

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