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Where to Buy Landscaping Materials in Atlanta 

Covington Landscaping understands the importance of a home’s exterior beauty and this does certainly would not preclude the use of pea gravel and other kinds of gravel to help with such things as the laying in of a gravel driveway or the creation of a pea gravel patio. We are always grateful to have been entrusted with turning our clients’ ideas into reality and this is in no small part due to our expertise in making not just visual excitement and creating family spaces for years to come, but the added value of a potential home selling price increase. We welcome homeowners’ input and work closely not only to provide the very best in design and labor, but also the nicest installation of sand and gravel at prices that can meet most budgets. Uses of Gravel

How To Improve The Value of your Home

You can count on Covington Landscaping to not only beautify your landscape but boost the value of your property too. We serve the metro Atlanta region and have earned a reputation for visually stunning designs and top flight craftsmanship. We’ve been lending our expertise in landscape design and installation to clients throughout Georgia with the goal of providing a curb appeal that is unsurpassed!

How Much Gravel is In a Dumptruck?

With our full services available to all, never again will anyone have to ask where there is “gravel for sale near me” or “how much landscaping rock do I need?” since with our network of suppliers we obtain our materials at competitive costs. Of course you are welcome to use our handy square footage & cubic yard calculator if you already know the area you need to cover, but with our services you won’t have to. From all kinds of gravel delivery services, to gravel patios to gravel driveways, we not only provide the design and labor but supply the highest quality landscape materials.

Why Hire Covington Landscaping?

When it comes to pea gravel, the professionals at Covington Landscaping are unsurpassed. We are your one-stop gravel shop serving the Metro Atlanta, Georgia region. We strive to provide the very best in landscaping services – we guarantee it!
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